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Server Move23-Apr-2020
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This weekend we will temporarily shut down our servers to move all of our resources to a new server. That's right!

- More performance & storage!
- TMX - now hosted on SSDs!
- ManiaBot on Discord working again (hopefully)!

Work will start at midnight (CEST) from Friday (April 24) to Saturday (April 25)
Best wishes!26-Dec-2019
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TMX Crew would like to wish you all Merry Christmas/Happy holidays and a Happy New Year 2020!
Merry Christmas 2018!25-Dec-2018
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TMX crew would like to wish you all Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2019!
TM turns 15!23-Nov-2018
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A very happy 15th TM anniversary to everyone!!!
Thanks for all the years of cool and crazy creations and for making TMX what it is!
You're the best!
Full forum access16-Apr-2018
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After many years in hiding, the full forums are visible once again here.

Enjoy the look through history.
Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays 2017!25-Dec-2017
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Hello everyone,
the TMX crew would like to wish you all Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays and everything best in 2018!
TMX Turns 1027-Mar-2014
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Exactly 10 years ago today TMX was born!

Even though the site existed shortly before that, we view March 27, 2004 as the day the site was born because it's when tracks began to be shared. Track sharing is the lifeblood of TMX.

Here we are, nearly 860,000 tracks later.
That's an average of about 236 tracks uploaded every day for the past 10 years.

The stories that could be told are more numerous than the number of tracks shared.

Many have literally grown up with TMX. Others have just grown a little older. We've all gained a few friends, some for life. We've all made lasting memories, building our dream tracks, discovering amazing creations by others, and sharing everything.

We wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for you!

Thank you TMX community! You're the best community ever!
TMU & TMN Sites down...30-Jun-2007
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If you have come here by clicking because you are finding TMU and/or TMN sites down, this is because of some maintenence that we need to carry out.

We hope to get the sites running again by Saturday evening, but some DNS changes means many people will not be able to see the sites until Sunday morning.

Sorry for any inconvenience this is going to cause.
TMX Original Open in read only...24-Mar-2007
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We have put this site is in read only mode.

This means that although uploading new tracks & replays is disabled, you can still download whatever you like. The site is going to remain in read only mode for the foreseeable future.

TrackMania United Users
Visit our site for TrackMania United.

But don't be put off trying the old tracks if you have TrackMania United, many of the old tracks are great fun still and there is 25,000 of them here.

Have fun with this piece of TrackMania history.

Site Closure...02-Jan-2007
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We are seeing if we can extract all the tracks from the database into some kind of big zip file. No promises, but thats the current plan.

Doing this is slightly complicated by the fact that the tracks dont exist as track files on the server, the only way to access them is through the TMX site & database. So we need to keep the site up alittle longer while we code a way to mass download tracks.

Use this time to download your favourite old TMO tracks

TMO site will soon close...19-Dec-2006
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Its something I never imagined I would be doing a few years ago when my copy of TrackMania arrived on my door mat, and it doesnt make me happy to type this now let me say..

Back then I didnt even know what TMX was (I'm not even sure it existed) and here I am now about to be the person who has to make the final decision...

Get what tracks you can now people, because there wont be a TMX for TMO in 2007

We will do a pack of the top100 most awarded TMO tracks for the TrackMania United site (Its already compiled). Its a sad day for me because this is where everything started and if there had never have been another TrackMaina other than TMO, I'm sure I wouldn't have cared beacuse for me, the TMO environments are the best.

But we can't keep all this old stuff simply because it exists, so we will close TMO TMX very soon. I hope you all join us on the TMU site as soon as TMU is available in your locality.

Best Wishes,

MrA and the TMX Crew.
United Site Open...19-Nov-2006
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Just in case anyone diddn't know....

Visit if you have TrackMaina United.

Trackmania United trailer & Pre Order13-Nov-2006
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If you were in any doubt as to whether you will buy TMU, then you need to see this movie.
If your going to put down your hard earned cash anyway, then it will just make you drool... alot!
TMU trailer (HD)

Discuss HERE

You can 'Pre-Order' and download the game HERE
Important news, especially for anyone who donates to TMX10-Nov-2006
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Once TrackMania United is available to the world we will begin to look at closing the old TMO and TMS sites. There will of course be a new TMX for TMU, but we can't support 4 sites nor keep all the old material simply because it exists. Therefore I guess that in about six months there will only be 2 TMX, United & Nations.

We want to tell you this now so that if you make donations to TMX, that you understand there will be a transition to TM United and all the old tracks and stuff will not be part of that unless authors choose to update their tracks and then reupload them in the new game.

Don't worry, nothing is about to happen now, we just want to make this early warning of our intentions and hope you all understand its something we will have to do.

On the plus side, quite a few of the TMX crew have been involved in the beta of TrackMania United and we really love it, and so we really hope you will get the game when it becomes available and continue to enjoy TM and TMX with us.

Update on Account & Email verification.08-Nov-2006
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We are still working on fixing the problems in these areas.

However, we have made some modifications to the html to make some of the old messages less alarming, as your e-mail address not being validated is not preventing any site permissions on your account from working.

So do not be alarmed or bothered by that.

File upload problems...05-Oct-2006
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We are aware that there are a few 'small' file upload problems concerning:
-Screenshots disappearing...

We apologise for the inconvenience this may be causing, but please be assured that our team is working to fix the problems as soon as possible.

In the mean time it does seem that if you wait a while and try again, then the system works.
So for now please bear with us and all will be back to normal as soon as possible.

TMX Crew
Account Validation problems for new users...28-Aug-2006
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There is an ongoing problem at the moment with validating new accounts. Basically when you make an account you wont get the validation e-mail.

Fear not, once a day a site admin will review the newly created accounts and validate them, so you dont need to let us know it hasnt worked anymore.

We are hopping to come up with a new account verification system in the next week or two, but until then, please bare with us while we activate your accounts manually.

E-Mail Validation Issues....23-Aug-2006
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There has been a problem the last few days for new users being sent their account validation e-mail. This is because our host has had some issues with the mail service.

We have not been informed it is fully working yet, but I have just done a test e-mail request and it did work. So if you need to get your new tmx account validated, please click on the Your Account page at the top and see if you can request the e-mail.

Alternatively, if that still doesnt work for you, please PM the mod group (click on users button at the top of the page) and we will deal with your validation manually.

We are hopping the service will be back to normal ASAP.
Site Updates....09-Aug-2006
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We have managed to fix some more of the broken stuff

Front Page Leaderboards
o Front Page Leaderboards 'Show More' link working better.
o The Classics LB now shows how many tracks you have a top10 time on as well as how many WR's.
o The WR count on the Nadeo LB counts just Nadeo world records.
o The WR count on the main LB only counts records on normal tracks (it excludes nadeo & classics).

Broken Features Fixed
o Viewing which tracks a user awarded now works.
o Recent downloads list working again on the front page.

New Quick Query Features
o New 'Quick Queries' at the top left of the 'Your Tracks' page and other users tracks pages.
o New feature on a users account screen to add them as a 'favourite author'
o This lets you see your favouite authors newest tracks as a 'Quick Query' on the 'Your Tracks' page.
o You can view other peoples favourites by using the quick links on their tracks page.

Other Bits
o Some Admin features have been fixed too.
o Maximum file size for tracks has been increased.
TMX sign pack23-Jul-2006
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We have a new(ish) TMX collection of signs...

New Full Pack!
If you download this pack then you will see all the signs we know you might need, including some new TMX Advertisments and signs that have been used in the community tracks.

TMX Adverts
In here are three TMX Adverts. They were made by JayPee sometime ago, but we forgot to include them in the original pack. So you can get just these 3 here in a 170K download.

Installation Instructions
Place the contents of the main zip in ./GameData/Skins/Any/Advertisement
It will include several small zips, do not unzip these, the game uses the signs in those small zips.

Alot of people already use many of these signs, so it will also help with existing tracks on TMX.

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