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Name: Download EvaMin03 Dopey
Pack: Download EvaMiniTracks
By: View User ProfileSend Private Message Eva
Version: 20-Jan-2006
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,768
Track Details
Game: TM PowerUp
Type: Race Style: Race
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Expert

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Download Replay 0:27.88 View User ProfileSend Private Message Eva+ 0:00.079,620This replay is NOT contributing to any leaderboard rank.
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Author Comments

Another short track, with some fast sections, some tricky double-apex corners, and some other tricky lines if you want a good time.

Like my last track "EvaMin02 Sneezy", I've developed some new exploits of bugs in the track editor, and used them many times to give new ways to use blocks (see the screenshots) and thus allow new lines through the track to be explored. But this time it's in *Rally*!

I think I've managed to reduce the luck factor considerably, and skill factors heavily in getting a good time. It's difficult, but it *can* be driven smoothly. I've also tried to ensure that there are none of the graphics artifacts that some people greatly dislike. Be aware however that some of the checkpoints are not nice to restart from. Sorry about that, it's an inherent problem with using these exploits and avoiding gfx glitches.

But as a bonus. there are of course a few (minor) easter eggs.

Try it - you'll love it!

Thanks to Wolf, 2Naice, and others for testing. And to Tuff for trying to test it before I got the server working. ;-)

User Comments
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View User ProfileSend Private Message Eva 20-Jan-2006
thx falcon, I and another Team Wat member are working on documenting the bugs and exploits. Be aware that exploiting these bugs effectively in a map can be very time consuming. At a rough guess, I probably spent about 40 hours making this map, and it still didn't work out exactly as I wanted it. I don't know how fast other map builders are, but at a guess that's about 10 to 40 times longer than a good non-bug map of this size would be expected to take. Or, to look at it another way, in the same time, I could have built maybe 20 good maps of a similar size - ideas permitting ;-).

thx laura, lol. Maybe I should have called this one Bashful Is "Queen of bugs" better or worse than "Laura of the Flies"?

thx wolf
View User ProfileSend Private Message Laura 20-Jan-2006
Lol eva I meant "queen of the bugs" as a compliment, because I feel deep respect for ur maps I think u make the best "bug" tracks, so the name came from there. Sorry if it offend u any way , because I didn't mean to !
View User ProfileSend Private Message Eva 21-Jan-2006
lol laura, and thx. Yes, I figured it was intended as a compliment. FWIW, the Lord of the Flies novel is highly regarded - and the 1963 film is pretty good too.
View User ProfileSend Private Message Wity 21-Jan-2006
I never liked bugs not in a game not in a track.
The only bugtrack that i like is panis castle return.
Btw have you tried too respawn?Very annoying.
But its like with every tracks you like it or not
40h for a track pfff you must be crazy
I do 2-3h for 1min track.
For a 20-30 sec track 30mins-hour.It depends of the env.
View User ProfileSend Private Message Eva 26-Jan-2006
thx neocreed. you must have driven it fairly smoothly to get such a sweet time Although for some reason, I can't view your replay - LU just complains "Can't load replay".

Heh, this list of awarders is scarily reminiscent of "Holy Plow by View User ProfileSend Private Message Eva"

wity, I figure you are referring to the block merging, but they're not bugs, they're just exploits. The CP respawn problems on the other hand are bugs - and they are mentioned in the author comments. I figured that on a <30s second map, it isn't such a big problem. The release of TMNations has also perhaps given a different perspective on what CPs are for.

If it's a problem with practising certain parts of the track that you're concerned about, the easiest way to do this is to load the track into the editor (there is no password on it) and play from there. It's the easiest way to practise most tracks I think.

There's also a version of this track with neither exploits nor bugs: "EvaMin03 Layout"

Maybe I am crazy, but there's a design space here that is largely unexplored and seems to suit my style. I don't think I have enough good ideas to do tracks like you do.

OK, here are all the easter eggs that I can remember:


1) When you exit the walled section, there are two main routes to go, the tunnel or a dirt road off to the right. From the dirt road there are about three other routes you can try. Unfortunately I think I balanced it wrong, and the tunnel is clearly the fastest. You were right Wolf, I should have taken the speed boost out, but it would have been about an hours work (You have to rebuild the whole of the walled section, the tunnel, and the dirt road).

2) You can jump onto one of the towers at the finish (the tower nearest the edge of the map). It's easiest if you use the tarmac road that's hidden at the edge of the map, behind some raised dirt road.

3) There are a bunch of dirt roads around the last half of the track that are kind of fun to zoom around on. If you like that sort of thing.

4) To the left of the start there is a drawing using raised tarmac road. It's a crude representation of the Ignorant Bliss logo. You have to get up high to see it - use spectator mode with the free camera, or use the track editor.

5) Below that there is a drawing of a smiley face

6) You can get up onto all the walls (well, except for the eyes of the smiley face). Just before you enter the walled dirt section, take a right to find a ramp to jump onto them.

7) Drive round the smile to get to a ramp where you can jump through the start line.

8) In the corner forward and to the far left of the start there are 7 small houses and one big one. I should probably have put a nice underground section in leading to these. Sorry if you don't get the reference.

9) Driving the track in the opposite direction is kind of fun. Said Wolf.

10) Near the start you pass under a dirt bridge with a CP in it. You can go through the CP if you are on top of the bridge too, which might be interesting in a track. Try it from the end opposite the start.

User Awards
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User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message falcon-8752 20-Jan-2006
hyper cool map!

can you tell me how do you do these bugs? because i want to create a freestyle map with bugs...

"sorry for my english"
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Laura 20-Jan-2006
"Queen of bugs" is on the loose again! Great map Eva I got lost a couple of times and hit some trees...and walls..and windmills... super!!!
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Wolf 20-Jan-2006
cool short track eva...

"queen of the bugs" laura? lol
guess that makes u the "queen of the kangaroos" then
User Award View User ProfileSend Private Message Neocreed 21-Jan-2006
Incredible track, again! The only thing I dislike is that the track is a bit unsmooth

hehe same time here too
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